Blacklist Strong is a new type of gym in the Denver metro area. They focus on building strength through science-based training and professional coaches, who are also elite athletes. They value technique over ego, safety over carelessness, and direction over chaos. They are a tight-knit community of all fitness levels, from newbies to top competitors in the world of strongman, powerlifting, and Olympic lifting—and they needed mintr to let everyone know.

Mintr was brought in to develop Blacklist Strong’s branding, website, and SEO strategy to create a strong, welcoming online presence and identity.

The Brand 
To emphasize their unique take on what belonging to a gym can mean, their brand story focused on the strong personal bonds and health results their methods support. They aren’t like other gyms, and their brand identity needed to feature that part of their positioning. Eschewing the typical look for gym branding, Blacklist Strong is modern and bold while being hospitable and exciting.

The Website Design
This new look was featured on their website, taking advantage of strong, tight language and calls to action. The newly designed website generated a 960% increase in traffic and gained first-page placement on Google in the first 2 months.

The Impact: 960% Increase In Organic Traffic and 1st Page Placement Google SERP

Typically, our clients see an organic lead growth rate of 9.1x and an organic traffic growth rate of 3.2x to their websites and Google My Business profiles.