Buderflys next-generation earbuds offer all-day comfort and optimized sound for the clearest podcast, audiobook, and video call experiences. The founder, Shea, developed Buderflys with a soft silicone bud that adapts to each tiny movement of the ear. Advanced sound engineering enables the listener to never miss a syllable of their content. Buderflys needed help reaching their target audience and planning their product launch.

Mintr developed the Buderflys brand messaging and validated two new product offerings.

Through developing and launching custom sales funnels, we confirmed the highest performing product offerings including USPs, audiences, ad creative, and price point.

Each funnel included bespoke landing pages, social media advertising, and email marketing based on key branding principles and A/B tested to meet critical benchmarks. In addition, mintr built brand awareness and acquired Buderflys’s first warm leads and customers in preparation for a successful, full-fledged launch.

The Brand Messaging

Buderflys knew exactly who they wanted to reach, but they needed help refining their brand’s language, tone, and imagery. Working closely with founder Shea, mintr researched the culture around personal audio users, identifying their major concerns, goals, and desires to develop a business brand guide for Buderflys.

The Website Design

The Buderflys product landing page design focused on educating visitors about their unique technology and conveying the benefits to their target audience. Using brand-specific language, the mintr team combined all the important tech details along with a big dose of the Buderflys personality—resulting in a charming page that spoke directly to the right people searching for better audio experiences. Eye-catching product animation added movement and interest alongside stylized photos of Buderflys in action.