Show Up Podcast

Show Up is a new kind of podcast for entrepreneurs and marketers looking for authentic stories on the human side of business. Launched by two marketing agency CEOs, Show Up shines a light on the always compelling, sometimes messy, but relatably human side of marketing and entrepreneurship.

Based in Austin, Show Up is preparing to launch in 2021 and is in the process of developing its first season’s episodes.

Mintr was tasked with creating the launch strategy, brand, and online presence on Webflow to bring Show Up to the world.

The Story
Show Up is an unprecedented take on business-focused podcasts, and the founders wanted a brand identity that matched their energy. Mintr developed an authentic and approachable brand experience combined with a fresh, journalistic feel. Show Up’s voice is engaging, honest, and friendly—if your friend also had decades of experience as a CEO.

The Web Design
Combining modern digital illustrations with a clean, uncluttered interface, mintr developed the Show Up website to reflect their brand and appeal to their target audience. Their call-to-action button copy is fun, informal, and clear. Together, the visual design and copy drive visitors to subscribe for more information about Show Up, giving the founders a solid email list to use for content marketing once they launch.

The Impact
Having a clean, focused website with consistent branding has enabled the Show Up founders to engage key people from around the world and share their stories—from a global ukulele musician, to a teacher and top YouTube content creator, to the head of marketing for a top financial services company.

Look out for the Show Up launch in 2021 on Apple Podcasts.