Sunscreenr is a unique viewer that shows your sunscreen coverage and protection from the sun. Applying technology used by scientists, the Sunscreenr team made it easy to see where your skin is covered by sunscreen and where it’s not, so you can enjoy the sun safely.

Based in North Carolina, Sunscreenr was ready to launch their new hardware device on Kickstarter and then Indiegogo. Before they could introduce themselves to the world through crowdfunding campaigns, they needed help developing their branding and marketing strategies and researching their product positioning.

Mintr was tasked with building and implementing a custom product launch strategy including brand identity, messaging, assets, online experience, and crowdfunding campaign.

The Story
Sunscreenr’s challenge was taking on the serious topic of sun cancer prevention alongside the huge sunscreen market. As a new type of product, we had to introduce the Sunscreenr technology and educate about how it works in a brand voice that sounded trustworthy and empathetic while staying upbeat and sunny.

Mintr developed the compelling Sunscreenr story around their purpose: to empower everyone with the confidence to enjoy the sun safely.

The Digital Marketing
Additionally, mintr created the Sunscreenr visual assets, including infographics, video, and photography that captured the ease and efficiency of the product.

To create an online community, mintr created and supported Sunscreenr’s presence on social media platforms, as well as Shopify, Kickstarter, and Indiegogo.

The Crowdfunding Campaigns
Before Sunscreenr’s crowdfunding campaigns, mintr ran digital advertising to test demand, develop an email list in advance, and generate sales. Then mintr offered full-service campaign management, including day-to-day strategy, campaign execution, and customer service. The mintr and Sunscreenr teams worked together to keep their backers informed and answer any questions about the hardware.

The Impact
Sunscreenr generated over $172,000 in sales from 1,775 new customers in their first quarter. We further supported the Sunscreenr team with materials for their pitch on Shark Tank, where they received an offer for an additional $800,000 in funding.