WhizRider raised over $70,000 in the first 48 hours of their crowdfunding campaign. Ultimately, WhizRider raised over $200,000 in total with 1,944 backers.

Funds Raised
In First 48 Hours

Mintr was brought on to launch the most convenient and portable car seat ever designed.

WhizRider started with two fathers from Switzerland who had a design for the smallest child car seat option available—the size of a medium coffee. To break into the saturated children’s product market, the founders of WhizRider brought in mintr to develop the branding strategy, lead the digital marketing, and launch the product with a primary focus on U.S. consumers. Through crowdfunding, we raised over $200,000 with 1,900 new customers.

WhizRider’s challenge was instilling confidence in their audience that they are built for safe, convenient family car travel. Developing a groundbreaking design disrupts what parents and caregivers look for in a car safety product, so it was critical to establish an informative story that customers trust.

The Branding
Ready to introduce WhizRider to parents, mintr crafted the name and branding focused on the entrepreneurs’ inspiration for the product: their desire as fathers for safe and smart travel with their children no matter where they went. The brand strategy grew from combining the playful nature of children’s products with the trustworthiness of a highly tested, engineer-developed car seat.

The Story
The WhizRider brand story was built around adding freedom and joy as well as security to caregivers’ lives. Based on comprehensive research of the parenting product and car seat industry, mintr positioned the tested and proven design of the highly engineered and lightweight solution as a central differentiator. Parents could finally have both peace of mind and flexibility for car travel with their children.

Mintr developed the WhizRider story, videos and photography, website, and social media presence with a priority of communicating its Unique Selling Proposition (USP) as a revolutionary child car seat that parents and grandparents could trust while on the go.

The Digital Marketing
To promote the campaign in advance of the crowdfunding launch, mintr teamed with WhizRider to develop an email list of 20,000 warm leads. We kept them engaged with interactive elements such as a referral program and surveys.

As part of our product marketing strategy, we built relationships with parenting bloggers, Facebook groups, and social media influencers on parenting and car seat safety across the nation. As a result, digital sales ads for WhizRider generated a Return On Advertising Sales (ROAS) of over 500%.